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Registration for The Algonkian Novel Writing Program

   In Cooperation and Partnership with
Algonkian Writer Conferences and The New York Pitch

The application page can be found here. Please fill it out and submit. You must be accepted into the Algonkian Novel Writing Program before you can register for it. Thank you.

    Part I - Eight Course Modules

    Part II - Eight Course Modules

    Parts I and II - 16 Course Modules (includes Agent-Author Review and Query Letter Consult)

    Parts I and II Above Plus Full Novel Read and Evaluation Following Program Completion - Includes A-A Review and Query Consult
    $2399.00 (cost for manuscripts 95,000 words or less; editors available include Betsy Maury, Michelle Richter, or Caitlin Alexander -- contact us for questions and custom registration page). NOTE: the novel evaluation portion of $1800.00 is completely refundable if not utilized upon completion of the program.

    NOTE 2: Paypal is our online CC processor, and we trust it implicitly. However, if you do not wish to register using Paypal, for whatever reason, write us at ADMIN (at) AUTHORSALON.COM prior to registration for guidance in choosing a method.

    Registration Options

    Algonkian Program Course Work

    Upon successful completion of registration you will receive an instructional mail.

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