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Janet Zupan earned her M.F.A. from the University of Montana in 1996. Her work appears in the collection, MONTANA WOMEN WRITERS: A GEOGRAPHY OF THE HEART (Far Country) ... [more]

As a kid, A.L. Torres fell in love with fantastic stories of worlds beyond our own such as "Animal Farm," "On the Beach" and "Metamorphosis." More recently, he's added "The Giver," "The Road" and "Hunger Games" as some of his favorites, ... [more]

Robert Steedman is a proud native New Yorker, receiving his B.A. in Art History from State University of New York at Geneseo and an M.S. Ed. in Art Education from Nazareth College. His first YA manuscript, FALLING, took First Place ... [more]

Brittany Hughes graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing, and subsequently earned a Masters in Teaching. She recently spent two years living in the Midwest, a landscape that inspired the setting of her novel, "Breaking Clay." ... [more]


• The Six Act Two-Goal Novel

• Maximizing Opps For Verve

• A Dose of Antagonism

• Guide to Best Comparables

• Crossing the Epiphany Line

• Novel Coverage Counts

• Storyboarding Scenes

• Sympathy Factors in Hook

• Third Person Point of View


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Algonkian Writer Conferences and The New York Pitch

The application page is located on the first half of this page, and the registration information is on the second half below.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to write the Algonkian Novel Writing Program administrators at admin (at) authorsalon.com

If you need to contact a member of the editor-agent faculty to ask a question about the program, write editor Michael Neff at algonkian (at) algonkianwriterconferences.com (if you wish a call back, provide your phone #)

If you do not wish to use the form below, please email your responses to admin (at) authorsalon.com.

NOTE: if your browser does not support the form for any reason, please email us at the address above and we will forward the application to you.

Registration Information for The Novel Writing Program

Two major parts of this program are available, eight modules each. For more information on the course content, works studied and goals, and graduation requirements, please reference the program page and the home page FAQ on obtaining a graduation certificate. Each part (eight modules) is $309.00, or $499.00 for both parts.

If you cannot pay the full amount, a deposit of $199.00 can be made, but the balance must be paid before you start the program. See the drop-down registration window below.

Program registration fees as follows:

Part I, Eight Modules

Part II, Eight Modules

Parts I and II, 16 Modules (includes staff faculty review)

Parts I and II in Combination With Full Novel Read and Evaluation
$2399.00 (manuscripts 95,000 words or less; editor Betsy Maury, Michelle Richter, or Caitlin Alexander -- contact us for questions and custom registration page).

NOTE 2: Paypal is our online CC processor, and we trust it implicitly. However, if you do not wish to register using Paypal, for whatever reason, write us at ADMIN (at) AUTHORSALON.COM or ALGONKIAN (at) ALGONKIANCONFERENCES.COM prior to registration. If you need to make course payments in increments, you may use the drop down registration window below.

Registration Options

Algonkian Program Course Work

Upon successful completion of registration you will receive an instructional mail.

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